Xiaomi Mi Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser


Automatic, touchless soap dispense takes care of the whole family
To protect your family's health, start with this new hand-washing experience. Now, just stretch out your hands, for plentiful, thick soap that provides effective hand-cleaning and mild protection. With high-affinity bubbles, even your children will fall in love with hand-washing.

Plentiful micro-sized bubbles for deep-skin cleaning that penetrates into your pores.
Set the gas-liquid foam ratio between 12: 1. Foam is dense, with strong adhesion after passing through a micrometer-sized hole with a two-stage separation filter. The fine, dense foam provides adequate coverage for the skin epidermis, and reaches into fine pores for deep cleansing.

Effectively inhibits everyday bacteria with an antibacterial rate of up to 99.9%
Tests by an authoritative laboratory have proved that it can effectively inhibit E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and other common everyday bacteria, with an inhibition rate of up to 99.9%, for effective protection for the whole family.

The slightly acidic formula has a pH level close to that of skin pH, mild, sensitive skincare with no tightness
The low-acidity formula has the same pH value as that of human skin, so that long-term usage causes no damage to the skin pH balance, and leaves hands soft and smooth. The added glycerin has a mild texture, is made from natural oils and moisturizes your hands.

Accurate dispense so one bottle can last a long time
A controlled amount of soap is dispensed. The rich foam leaves hands clean and is easy to rinse, leaving no residue. 320 ml large capacity provides the whole family with up to 50 days of usage and up to 400 soap dispense cycles.

High-efficiency micro-motor Quieter with low power consumption
The high-efficiency micro-motor with a rubber damping structure provides high-efficiency soap dispense and is quiet for no noise disturbances. The smart light induction design reduces power consumption. Four AA batteries can provide the whole family with up to 9 months of usage.

Product dimensions : 73 × 98 ×190 mm
Dimensions : 101× 76 × 215.5 mm
Net weight of product : 178g
Main materials : ABS
Battery type : AA alkaline battery
Rated voltage : 6V
Working temperature : 5℃–40°C
Waterproof rating : IPX4
Working humidity : 0%–85% RH
Induction distance : 60–90 mm

Note: Batteries, soap and soap bottle are not included

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