Xiaomi Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2


The Xiaomi Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2 features an innovative magnetic attraction design. Once set in its base, the lamp stays firmly in place, but you can easily pick it up and move it as necessary. The soft light guides you safely through dark environments and fits in the palm of your hand. The angled base can be easily positioned on bedside tables and other tabletops, and the base’s custom adhesive lets you firmly secure it by staircases and corridors, at the corners of beds, on bathroom walls, besides your child’s bed, inside a closet or cupboard and many other places.

The hemispherical lamp and magnetic base combine to bring you 360° adjustable diffuse lighting. Adapt this versatile lighting to suit your needs, set it wherever you need more illumination. The Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 offers two adjustable brightness settings. The Low setting provides a soft, warm light that is easy on the eyes and suitable for getting up at night, while the High setting is suitable for lighting dark areas and easily illuminates your surroundings.

The wireless design eliminates the hassle of cables and leaves your wall outlets free, allowing the Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 to have you covered 365 nights a year. The dual light sensor + infrared detection with a wide 120° sensing area activates the light only when human activity or motion is detected. It also supports real-time detection, when the sensor does not detect human activity or motion for 15 seconds it switches off automatically to conveniently save power.

Innovative magnetic structure
360 degree rotating
Stick or stand, Multiple Scenario
Human Body Induction
Induction Range
Flicker-free, natural lighting
Dual brightness adjustment
Long Battery life

Luminous Flux: 3 lm / 25 lm
Colour Temperature: 2800 k
Rated Voltage: 4.5 V
Rated Power: 0.34 W
Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C
Battery: AA battery x 3
Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 6.2 cm
Weight: 121 g

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