Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Tripod

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Bluetooth 3.0 connection
The bluetooth connection is 3.0 with compatibility with both Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 5.0 or higher.
It can be used both as a support with 360° vision thanks to its convertible handle and as a selfie stick by extending the handle. It's photo time, it's selfie time, it's Xiaomi time.

Specifications Xiaomi Selfie Stick Tripod:
Material: Aluminum
Connection: Via Bluetooth control
Bluetooth: 3.0
Compatibility: Android 4.3 or higher / iOS 5.0 or higher
Modes: Extensible / Tripod 360º
Angle: 360º
Length: From 56 mm to 89 mm
Weight: 155 gr

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