Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light


Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light is lightweight and easy to use portable vacuum cleaner yet powerful enough to keep your home clean. It features a lightweight design with the main body only weighing 1200 grams, making it easy for anyone to use around the house, while at the same time making it easier to clean the harder to reach areas like curtains or the ceiling. It is powered by a 100K RPM brushless motor, which is more efficient and less noisy.

It also comes with 2 levels of suction power at 20AW and 50AW depending on your requirements. Each level of suction power will allow for different times for usage, in this case the 50AW gives you 13 mins and the 20AW gives you 45mins of running time. Even with a single charge at just over 5 hours, you are still able to clean a medium-sized apartment. To get started all you need to do is hold the finger-release on/off button down for a few seconds, then you can release it for it to keep going.

Lightweight Design
50AW Suction Power
45 Mins Running Time
Finger-releasse On and Off
3 Level Filtration System
Detachable and Washable Dustbin

Motor: Brushless Design
Maximum RPM: 100,000 RPM
Suction Power: 20 – 50 Air Watts
Filter Types: HEPA, Cotton and Cyclone (3 Level Filtration System)
Usage Time: 13 – 45 mins
Charging Time: 5.5 Hours
Main body Weight: 1200 g

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